In-depth, independent analysis to support your strategic planning

Annual studies

ICIS produces market studies which can offer you the in-depth information you need to support your planning and research projects and the development of your market strategies.

The studies provide a comprehensive analysis of major segments of the energy, refining and chemicals industries. They give detailed information from a global, regional and country-specific perspective with focus on supply, demand, capacity and trade activities, as well as historical and forecast data.

We publish annual studies for the following areas:



Quarterly updates

To ensure you have the latest picture of the market throughout the year, a subscription to our global annual studies includes four quarterly updates. The updates focus on changes in capacity and supply and demand data, with explanation and analysis of the numbers, giving you early insight into potential opportunities and threats.


Q&A access to our expert analysts

To help make sure you get the most from our global studies, you also get access to our expert analysts. They will be happy to give you background information on how our figures are derived, and explain the methodology we use to compile our global data.

What our customers say about the annual studies

“I have to look at long-term and short-term supply and demand information.  We have to have an eye on the immediate future in order to place ourselves strategically.” Purchasing Manager