ICIS China Annual Studies

In-depth analysis and forecasts of China’s key petrochemical markets

As the largest petrochemical import market in Asia, China provides major sales opportunities for global exporters and has a significant impact globally with its supply, demand and price movements.

For a range of core markets such as plastics, paper, aromatics, rubber and alcohol, it is vital for decision-makers to understand the market drivers and developments in China to anticipate where the market is heading for the coming year. This is essential to create robust plans – whether for production and investment activity or to make the most of new opportunities.

Where next for China’s petrochemical markets?

Produced by locally based experts in the region and using the expertise of a global analytical team based in key hubs in the US, Singapore and Europe, the ICIS series of detailed annual studies on China reveal a realistic view of the key petrochemical markets. This helps you to monitor industry changes, formulate strategies and evolve plans as ICIS annual studies answer key questions about China’s petrochemical industry:

  • How is the market developing?
  • What will China’s supply and demand balance be next year?
  • What are the developments of key market segments and local players?
  • How are trade patterns changing?
  • Which factors are driving prices?

About ICIS

Trusted market analysis supports confident decision-making

Produced as a single easy-reference report, each ICIS Annual Study gives you an integrated view of data, as well as analysis compiled by seasoned industry experts. It covers current and future-year trends. Trade flows, capacities as well as supply and demand are also included.

Use ICIS China Annual Studies to:

  • Learn more about the current market fundamentals, including volumes, prices and dynamics
  • Understand how key developments are matched to downstream demand and how prices are likely to respond
  • Build robust investment plans and strategies that are backed up by realistic market expectations
  • Negotiate new deals with a clear idea of what market activity to expect over the coming year