World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics)

– An annual study of the global aromatics industry and its derivatives

Oversupply in the downstream aromatics market remains a challenge, especially in China which is the most important region globally. However, ICIS Consulting is now also seeing growth opportunities in other emerging markets such as Mexico, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

For an accurate view across the market to support your decisions on future investment or expansion, ICIS publishes an aromatics global annual study detailing how supply and demand is forecast to develop from now until 2025. The study includes reconciled data and expert analysis including trade flows, plant capacities and supply and demand data for benzene, toluene, xylene and their respective derivatives. By applying a ‘top-down’ approach, considering both upstream and downstream products, you benefit from a complete and accurate view to help when considering investments and acquisitions.

The ICIS World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) is an effective tool for the development of medium and long-term strategic plans as it provides the global and regional market assessments required to identify opportunities. The data, forecasts and predictive commentaries included in the study can also be used to build robust best and worst-case scenarios.

Compiled by ICIS Consulting using a powerful combination of proven methodologies and industry expertise, the ICIS World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) is trusted by major market participants across the globe.

Subscribe to the World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) and you can access the market intelligence required to make the most of medium and long-term opportunities in the petrochemicals industry. View the World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) Table of Contents.



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This market outlook article discusses the challenges faced by the aromatics industry around over supply and the potential source of demand.

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Why invest in the study?
Unrivalled coverage
Trusted experience you can rely on

The World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) provides the market intelligence and insight you need when assessing key investments. It enables you to:

  • Identify regional and global opportunities
  • Make investment decisions using forecasts, commentaries and trade flows
  • Mitigate the business risks associated with expansion or acquisition using detailed market analysis

When formulating 3-5 year strategic plans, the World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) provides you with:

  • Pricing trends and manufacturing economics for individual aromatics
  • Analysis, data and forecasts to help inform your plans and optimise your strategies
  • Detailed global and regional market reviews and outlooks to help you plan confidently for the future
  • Supply and demand analysis prepares you for opportunities and threats to your business

A subscription to the World Petrochemical Industry Study (Aromatics) also gives you added value by providing quarterly updates so you can stay abreast of developments in the global aromatics market as it changes through the years (only available from ICIS). 

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