ICIS price forecast reports

Supply, demand and price trends at a glance

ICIS price forecast reports are produced by the Consulting division of ICIS, which operates independently of our Editorial team. The concise monthly reports include details of prices, margins, capacity, supply and demand for the next 12 months – all in a single report. Available for a range of commodities, this easy-to-use format is quick to read and supports fast decision-making as it covers everything you need to know to understand where the market is heading.


Choose ICIS price forecast reports for all of the following:

  • Settling contract prices
  • Reviewing your market position
  • Making production or commercial decisions
  • Buying or selling with confidence


What's included in our price forecast reports?

Price forecasts

Rolling 12-month view of pricing including current prices and expected price trends.

Sentiment index

The latest market view on whether prices will rise, fall or stay the same in the following month and the next three months.

Raw materials

Current data on the upstream feedstock prices affecting commodity market prices and margins.

Supply and demand balances

Historical data on supply and demand balances to support your decisions on production plans and operating rates.

Prices and margins

Monthly average margins (standalone and integrated) illustrating how product profitability is being impacted, along with a 12 month forecast.


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New Polypropylene Asia price forecast report

ICIS is pleased to announce the release of the Polypropylene (PP) Asia price forecast report.

This report gives extensive analysis of the volatile Asian Polypropylene markets to help industry players reduce uncertainty regarding future price movements.

The art and science of forecasting

In volatile times, having access to reliable forecasting data can make the difference between hitting your numbers or missing your budget entirely.

Download this presentation by James Ray, an ICIS' expert consultant for a better understanding of the different factors you should consider when building a reliable forecast model.

Europe Polyethylene (PE) Market Outlook

Europe Polyethylene (PE) Market Outlook

The Europe Polyethylene (PE) Market Outlook will enable you to gain a complete understanding of where the European PE market is heading in 2014 and beyond, providing crucial insight to support your strategic decision-making, planning and forecasting.

Whether you are interested in buying, selling or trading European polyethylene, this concise market outlook analyses the key trends influencing your future business decisions.