ICIS Benzene and Styrene Europe price forecast report


ICIS Consultant Rob Peacock reviews the latest developments in the benzene and styrene market and Q4 expectations.

Produced by ICIS Consulting, the ICIS Benzene and Styrene Europe price forecast report provides a detailed view of these markets to support your short to medium-term decisions. As well as objective data on current and historical prices, the report includes forecast prices for Benzene and Styrene to help you understand where prices are heading, plus a unique ICIS Sentiment Index reflecting the current view of industry players.

Use the report to:

  • Gain an independent view on where the markets are heading
  • Review your market position
  • Support buying or selling decisions
  • Plan for production or investment activity
  • Negotiate contracts
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Report features

The ICIS Benzene and Styrene price forecast report features a concise, easy-to-read format that includes all the details needed to make confident commercial decisions within the European benzene and styrene market. This report covers current and forecast prices, raw materials prices, supply, demand and capacity information, regional import and export data, trade flow forecasts, and margins.

To discuss the methodology applied and to understand more about the forecasts, subscribers to the this price forecast report can talk directly to the report author û ICIS consultant, Rob Peacock.

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About the author

About the Author

Rob is a Chemical Engineering graduate (B.Eng from Bradford University) and has spent most of his career in the Chemicals market analysis and consulting business. He joined ICIS Consulting in June 2014, in the Sutton, UK office. Prior to ICIS, Rob spent almost four years at IHS Chemical (formerly CMAI), working in the Market Insights division. During his time at CMAI and IHS, Rob worked in the Aromatics team, working on both multi-client market pricing reports and supply demand studies, as well as some single-client studies. Prior to CMAI, he worked for BRG Ltd for eight years, eventually heading up its chemicals multiclient research. At this market intelligence company he worked mainly on the IAL Consultants brand, working on multi and single ûclient studies in the specialty chemical , paints, polymers and polyurethanes markets, with polyurethanes a particular focus of IAL. Prior to BRG, Rob was a chemical industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

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Whitepaper: Europe jockeys for top benzene position

Market outlook: global phenol and acetone markets under pressure from overcapacity

Readjustments to global benzene pricing earlier this year saw Europe become the most expensive region for the first time since 2011.

In his latest whitepaper, ICIS Consultant, Rob Peacock, reviews the first half of 2016 and explains what caused the market changes. He then goes on to explain the factors which will affect the market heading into 2017, including new aromatics capacity coming on stream and the restart of some idled facilities in southeast Asia.

New Feature: Price Forecast Window

About the Author

ICIS Price forecasts are now available on the Dashboard channel using the Price Forecast Window.

ICIS Dashboard subscribers who receive the price forecast report will be able to access monthly Benzene and Styrene price forecast curves on the ICIS Dashboard with commentary from our analysts, alongside up to 12-months worth of historical prices. 

This window allows the user to chart the price forecast against the last (rolling) twelve months of related price history. In addition to this, users can plot the last 12 months of price forecasts too enabling them to see how the forecasts have progressed as time has moved on, as well as how accurate the ICIS forecast has been.

Users can convert this data into different currencies and units as well as download this data into excel in order to easily enter into their own calculations.

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Why choose this report?

The ICIS Benzene and Styrene Europe price forecast report is an essential tool in making buying and selling decisions. By subscribing to the report, you will be able to stay ahead of your competition by getting the information you need to assess the market in the short-to-medium term.

  • Use 12-month rolling price forecasts to see where prices are heading
  • Gain insight into the Europe benzene and styrene market
  • Understand how prices and margins impact profitability
  • Read analyses of producer margins and benzene and styrene market dynamics
  • Gauge whether prices will go up or down in the short-to-medium-term
  • Plan production activity levels
  • You can contact the author for further in-depth questions
  • Sentiment Index
    The latest market view on whether prices will rise, fall or stay the same one month and three months ahead.

    To take part in the Sentiment Index, please click here

    In exchange for your participation each month, we will email you the Sentiment Index calculated from the poll results, together with a short commentary, helping to keep you abreast of industry sentiment.

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