ICIS Polyethylene (PE) Europe price forecast report

The ICIS PE Europe price forecast report, produced by the ICIS Consulting team, provides an 'at a glance' view of the market to support your short- to medium-term decisions. As well as providing a wealth of useful data on current and historical prices, the report includes the forecast prices for both Polyethylene and Ethylene to help you understand where prices are heading, plus a unique ICIS sentiment index market indicator that reflects the current view of industry players.

In Europe, PE market prices remain highly uncertain due to upstream market activity and demand. Now, more than ever, you need price forecast information you can rely on to stay informed, to mitigate risk and maximise opportunities straight away. Producers, buyers, traders and end-users can all benefit from the ICIS PE Europe price forecast report.

Use the report to:

  • Review your market position
  • Make buying or selling decisions
  • Plan for production or investment activity
  • Negotiate contracts

Europe Polyethylene (PE) Market Outlook

The Europe Polyethylene (PE) Market Outlook will enable you to gain a complete understanding of where the European PE market is heading in 2014 and beyond, providing crucial insight to support your strategic decision-making, planning and forecasting.

Whether you are interested in buying, selling or trading European polyethylene, this concise market outlook analyses the key trends influencing your future business decisions.

Report features
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Report features

The ICIS Polyethylene (PE) Europe price forecast report features a concise, easy-to-read 4-page format that includes all the details needed to make confident commercial decisions within the European PE market. This report covers current and forecast prices, raw materials prices, supply, demand and capacity information, regional import and export data, trade flow forecasts, and margins.

To discuss the methodology applied and to understand more about the forecasts, subscribers to the ICIS PE Europe price forecast report can talk directly to the report author – ICIS consultant, Fabrizio Galiè.