World Petrochemical Industry Study (Olefins)

– An annual study of the global olefins industry and its derivatives

The ICIS World Petrochemical Industry Study on Olefins is a comprehensive analysis of the global supply and demand situation for ethylene, propylene and butadiene (C4s) and their respective derivatives.

This annual study is an invaluable source of accurate information for market participants involved in investment decisions and acquisition projects in the petrochemical sector. It provides insight into how the cyclical petrochemical industry will look in the future using reconciled data and detailed analysis.  Forecasts, trade flows, supply, demand and capacities are all covered.

In addition, the annual study is also highly beneficial when formulating a 3-5 year strategic plan. It enables you to derive logical worst and best case scenarios for your business using the predictive commentaries, data and forecasts given. Markets are assessed on a global and regional perspective to give a complete view of where the opportunities are.

ICIS expert analysts apply a ‘top-down’ approach, considering both upstream and downstream developments, and validating figures against general economic indicators (such as GDP and per capita consumption) to ensure information accuracy. Our strict methodology and industry expertise makes our annual study a valuable resource, trusted by major global market participants.

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This market outlook article that reviews supply/demand trends, trade dynamics and analyses the global olefins market with historical data dating back to 2011 and forecasts up until 2025.

Free outlook article on the olefins market. Download here >>


Why invest in the study?
Unrivalled global coverage
Trusted experience you can rely on

The World Petrochemical Industry Study (Olefins) is an essential tool to facilitate well-informed long-term investment or acquisition decisions.

  • It provides global and regional market perspective, giving a complete view of potential opportunities
  • The forecasts, commentaries and trade flows in the study allow you to identify which markets and/or regions to invest in
  • Thorough analysis of the markets enables you to verify the risks involved with your business expansion plans

The World Petrochemical Industry Study (Olefins) is a source of valuable insights to formulate a substantiated 3-5 years strategic road map for your business.

  • The analysis, data and forecasts allow you to strategise and plan your resources to optimise the opportunities for your business
  • Detailed global and regional market reviews and outlooks give you visibility of potential impact of current and future developments on your business
  • The comprehensive review of the global olefins supply and demand situation as well as the inter-regional trade flows ensure you are able to prepare for both opportunities and threats to your business

A subscription to the World Petrochemical Industry Study (Olefins) also provides:

  • Quarterly updates to give you the latest picture of the marketplace throughout the year. This feature is unique to ICIS annual studies.
  • Access to ICIS expert analysts involved in compiling the annual study to make sure you get the most from our data

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