World Plastics Annual Study

– your comprehensive supply and demand overview of the global plastics industry

The World Plastics Annual Study offers a complete review of the world commodity thermoplastics industry, with historical data from as far back as 2000 and forecasts for up to 2025.

The report delivers 750 pages of trusted data and analysis that will help you explore future global supply and demand trends, and improve your planning and research capabilities. Our data is compiled from over 100 sources and is rigorously verified using strict methodology and proven experience.

Subscribe and get invaluable country and regional insights on supply and demand, growth rates, production and consumption, trade data and market developments for the nine major thermoplastics markets.


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World Polymers Outlook


Why invest in the World Plastics Annual Study?
Unrivalled global coverage
What’s included in the study?

The World Plastics Annual Study provides unrivalled access to in-depth analysis that will help you forecast, plan strategically and stay ahead of your competition.

Identify areas of growth and business expansion

Our carefully researched supply and demand data, growth rates, consumption, capacities and trading patterns based on historical and forecast data will help you evaluate the market from every angle.

Evaluate sources of competition in the medium to long term

Our overview of the world’s producers will enable you to assess competitor information and guide you in your strategic planning. You can predict more accurately the impact of emerging producers on established importing and exporting areas using the study’s production forecasts plus get insight into the potential output of scheduled plants.

Detailed analysis of the global plastics industry

To help you review your market position, our expert analysts will provide you with fully reconciled data and commentary, giving you insights from a regional and global perspective.