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The hydrochloric acid that we analyse in the ICIS report is known as by-product, technical or waste acid or 30-33% solution and it is the by-product of various chlor-alkalai processes such as the manufacture of toluene diisocyantate, ethylene diamine , vinyl chloride monomer, methyl di-p-phenylene isocyanate and polyvinyl chloride.


The main end uses are the pickling of steel, pulp and paper, food uses, chemical and water treatment, and oil extraction.


The main drivers in the market are supply and demand; energy costs can also have a huge impact, due to the peculiarities of logistics, as the product is mostly transported in rubber trucks.


Most markets in Europe have seen relatively stable prices throughout 2010 and early 2011 but the Mediterranean market, which is more volatile, has shown a mostly firm tendency.


In the future we expect to see a supply deficit in Spain and Germany. This is because of the construction of new coagulant plants next to hydrochloric acid facilities which will take the product directly by pipeline into a water treatment facility.

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