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ICIS publishes a weekly Polyester staple fibre & filament yarns report in Asia. The market intelligence gathered by our locally-based reporters gives a reliable and unbiased overview of market movements, tables and graphs, feedstocks and regional updates across Asia and any other influencing factors.

Spot price assessments cover a variety of polyester grades. This informative news and analysis can be used as an essential tool when making those crucial commercial choices.

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Polyester staple fibre & filament yarns Overview Transcript

Polyester filament yarn or PFY products include partially oriented yarn POY and fully drawn yarn FDY and drawn texturised yarn DTY. Together with polyester staple fibre PSF and hollow conjugate fibre HCF, these products are used in textiles.

PFY is spun and knitted into fabric for upholstery, curtains, and garments. PSF is spun into yarn and then woven into fabric for clothing. HCF can be used as stuffing for toys and bedding.

The polyester products are made directly from feedstock terephthalic acid, PTA and monoethylene glycol MEG, or indirectly from fibre chips.

Polyester prices check closely the chain in feedstock PTA prices and are also affected by downstream textile demand.

As the primary substitute to natural fibre such as cotton polyester demand fluctuate with the supply and demand balance in the cotton market. Tight global supply of cotton is providing a boost in polyester usage in textiles

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