Polypropylene US prices, markets & analysis

For clear insight into the US polypropylene (PP) industry, you need in-depth pricing information direct from the region.

ICIS has a network of locally based experts, providing PP price assessments and analysis including a rolling 12 month forecast to support your short- and medium-term decisions.

Use ICIS information to:

  • Track price fluctuations and understand the factors driving them
  • Have a benchmark for contract settlements
  • Plan your trades and optimise margins

What's happening in the Polypropylene market?

Our editor gives their expert view

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Polypropylene US Transcript


The weekly US polypropylene report covers several grades of PP, including injection, raffia homopolymer, limited film grades and rock co-polymers.


It also features price quotes for domestic material sold on a delivered (DEL) basis and export material sold on a free on board (FOB) basis.


The domestic price quotes provide a reference for the US contract market for smaller buyers for negotiating pricing. Larger buyers usually have contracts that follow feedstock propylene on a monomer plus basis.


Propylene market dynamics are also monitored in the report.


The export prices for PP can vary from week to week, depending on feedstock costs and international prices.


The report information is gathered through contact with producers, buyers and traders of PP.


This ICIS report provides a top-down view of the US PP sector that is useful to buyers who not only want to know what the price is, but also where the market is likely to be heading.

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