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Toluene Asia Transcript

The ICIS Asia toluene coverage provides real time daily price assessments news and analysis of this fast moving, complex market. Trades take place on free on board (FOB) Korea and Chinese yuan ex-tank bases daily.

Given such liquidity, ICIS provides real time alerts on the benchmark FOB Korea price which helps industry players to make business decisions. Noon and evening updates are also produced to help guide and keep users up to speed with market movements.

In addition, we offer a daily report which has an analysis of the FOB Korea and Chinese yuan ex-tank prices and market trends.

ICIS has expanded its coverage and launched the assessment of ex-tank prices in India rupees in the daily report. The assessment reflects domestic trading activities in one of the fastest growing markets in this region.

Toluene trading is also active every week on (cost & freight) CFR China, CFR Taiwan, CFR South East Asia and CFR India bases. But unlike the forward curve trading on FOB Korea basis, CFR cargos are traded based more on physical demand / supply balance and on a prompt basis.

At ICIS, we provide daily and detailed analysis about the market fundamentals and the trend. This is especially captured in our weekly report. Current and upcoming shut-downs and outages in the region are tracked, and a close eye is kept on other important drivers such as the trend in crude and naphtha futures.

Asia depends heavily on the demand for imports from the China market, so we work closely on a daily basis with our team in China.

The ICIS toluene weekly report is also benchmarked by several regional organisations for their contract formula pricing, mainly for trade in southeast Asia (SE Asia) and India.

The report is also an essential read and established reference in the key petrochemical market.

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