All the fundamental data for Californian and Quebec Cap and Trade Programs in one place


The CA Carbon Fundamentals Toolkit is a web-based platform that provides easy access to essential fundamental data for California and Quebec. Featuring regularly updated, standardized and clean data, it can be used as a single source of information or to supplement your own data sources. And because it’s produced by our industry experts, you know it can be trusted .

Why we’re different

Our Timing Impact Model takes a transparent, behavioural - driven approach to price forecasting, allowing you to sense check your trading decisions and make that confident call. It’s a more realistic modeling approach than analysis based solely on fundamentals since it takes account of when supply and demand come to market.

What we offer you

The Fundamentals Toolkit is designed for companies or individuals that need data on the fundamentals of the California emissions trading scheme. It is especially suited to traders, analysts and carbon portfolio managers. In addition to the fundamental data, as part of the package you will receive a price forecasts for the next 8 quarters, analyst updates, monthly market briefings and research reports.

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Subscribers to ICIS CA Carbon – Fundamentals Toolkit can:

  • Save time on sourcing and manipulating the data
  • Access all the relevant fundamental data in one place
  • Access the data in a clean format that’s ready to use
  • Use it as the starting point for analysis or models

All the fundamental data for Californian and Quebec Cap and Trade Programs in one place

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