Assess the Californian Cap and Trade Program and plan your market strategy


The CA Carbon – Strategic Toolkit is a web-based platform that allows quick and simple access to written analysis, presentations and supporting functions to help you better understand and benefit from California’s emissions trading schemes.

Crucially though, we are more than a news service. We provide analysis that looks beyond the headlines and pricing data to show you what drives participant behaviour in the CA cap and trade scheme, and how you can best manage your risk and respond to it. It’s this approach that delivers our customers an everyday, executable advantage.

And that’s not all. We go further still. Our team of experts can be reached at any time - by phone, email or Messenger – to help you with your trading position and crystallise your ideas.

Why we’re different

We use Timing Impact Model (TIM) software, already proven in the EU markets, to produce behavior- driven medium term price forecasts in the CA carbon markets which can be used to justify your trading decisions and contribute towards a more effective strategy.

Our concise monthly market briefings describe the market risks, changes in participant behaviour and include market commentary to explain the previous month’s activity, as well as early warnings of any ‘black swan’ events.

Our dedicated team of analysts and journalists focuses exclusively on the CA Cap and Trade so they can provide you with the very best insight on how the market operates and how participants behave.

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Subscribers to ICIS CA Carbon – Strategic can:

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in emissions trading in California
  • Identify risks for their organisation from regulatory, economic or behavioural changes
  • Understand their financial exposure using our price forecast and assumptions
  • Access presentations on key topics to keep your organization informed

Insights on the Californian Cap and Trade Program to help you plan your market strategy

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