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ICIS provides a suite of tools designed to help traders, analysts and compliance managers understand the impact of policy and regulatory developments, identify risks and compile their trading strategy. These include behaviour-driven analysis, unique price forecasting, one-to-one access to our bilingual Chinese analyst as well as hard-to-find fundamental and Chinese Certified Emission Reductions (CCER) data in an easy-to-use format.

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Available in English and Mandarin, our products will help you trade profitably and manage risk in China’s seven pilot schemes – all from an analyst team you can trust with a methodology that has been proven in Europe and North America.

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China ETS Portal

The China ETS Portal provides a complete suite of market intelligence that helps you understand the impact of policy changes and appreciate why industry participants behave the way they do. The portal is ideal for traders and analysts, as it offers you everything you need to plan your trading strategy for each of the seven pilot schemes. 

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China ETS Insight Product

The China ETS Insight Product provides highlights of the ICIS China carbon market analysis. It is ideal for stakeholders who need to keep in touch with key developments in the pilot schemes and the upcoming national scheme, but do not speak Mandarin or have the time to read the detailed policy papers.

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An essential guide to CCERs and their developing role in the China ETS

ICIS has collaborated with offset project developer, Hanergy, to offer an essential guide to Chinese Certified Emission Reductions (CCER) and their role in this growing carbon market. With expert data analysis and detailed issuance forecasts until 2021, this free white paper is a valuable resource for anyone looking to better understand CCERs and develop their carbon market strategy in China.

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Regional overview

Updated to Q1 2015

In the first quarter, the approval process to reform the EU Emissions Trading System progressed, but the benchmark carbon contract remained in the same range, despite being volatile.

The measure under discussion is a buffer that would absorb and release carbon allowances depending on surplus levels  to tackle the system’s oversupply and make the supply side more flexible.

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The reform needs to be approved by both the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to become law. The two bodies are still negotiating and for the moment are at odds. The parliament prefers an earlier start and wants the reserve to absorb some of the pre-existing oversupply, while some EU countries are against such features on the grounds that they would increase power prices.

The benchmark December ’15 contract opened the quarter at €7.09/tCO2e and closed at €6.97/tCO2e on 31 March, with traders reluctant to take big positions until the regulatory situation becomes clearer.

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