How do you manage risks around China’s seven pilot carbon trading schemes?

China’s ETS landscape is evolving fast. Our analysts are forging ever closer relationships with the key players and parties in the seven pilot schemes, supported by our experts in the wider global energy market. All of which aims to put you in the best place possible to manage your position and make informed judgements regarding the level of involvement in these markets.

Why we’re different

We don’t just provide news. Our analysis tells you what it means. What it means for the market, what it means for the major industries involved, and what new regulations and policy changes could mean to your organisation. Our Monthly Market Briefing and Research Reports are written in both English and Mandarin and contain a level of local expertise and analysis you can’t find elsewhere.

What we offer you

The China ETS News & Analysis is a series of regular and ad-hoc reports which monitor market developments and provide medium and long-term price forecasts, plus in-depth research reports that shine a light on key topics affecting the carbon industry. ICIS, uses the unique Timing Impact Model based on historical and forecasted behaviour of market participants to make solid calls on how future prices will be impacted. And as well as price movements we also provide price commentaries to help you understand why carbon prices have moved.

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Use the China ETS News & Analysis to:

  • Stay updated on China’s carbon trading news and events
  • Understand and assess the potential price impact of market developments
  • See where prices are heading in the medium term and understand the factors driving change 
  • Find out more about key topics through a combination of commentary, quantitative data and insightful graphs.

China ETS News & Analysis

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