Our team of experts around the globe provides in-depth analysis for key energy and refining markets, giving you the detail behind the prices, and the ability to build a forward view. Their insight delivers the information and data you need to understand short to long term trends and how they affect the market outlook.


ICIS offers unique insight into the interface between the refinery and the petrochemicals markets, providing data and analysis which enables you to understand feedstocks from a chemical producer's perspective and chemicals from the perspective of energy producers and refiners.


ICIS analysis provides:



Giving you a consistent view of upstream and downstream energy and chemical markets


Our suite of analysis services provides insight into:


  • Refining

  • Petrochemical feedstocks

  • Olefins and aromatics

  • Intermediates

  • Polymers and other derivatives


What our customers say about ICIS analysis


“I have to look at long term and short term supply and demand information. We have to have an eye on the immediate future in order to place ourselves strategically.” Purchasing Manager