European Daily Electricity Markets 


The European Daily Electricity Markets report supplies market participants with in-depth coverage of Europe's power sector.

The coverage includes independent price assessments, indices, analysis on the latest market developments, fundamentals data and daily news stories.

Key topics covered in the report include:

•      Daily over-the-counter (OTC) price assessments for European power markets
•      A range of indices for Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Spain
•      Specialist market coverage for electricity markets in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria
•      UK and German spark and dark spreads, as well as Italian spark spreads
•      Daily cross-border spreads for markets in central and eastern Europe
•      Analytical graphs and charts of price and market movements
•      Price trends and far-reaching forward curves
•      Daily news on the latest market developments
•      A detailed list of power plants outages in the UK, Germany and the Nordic region


The coverage in the European Daily Electricity Markets report will allow readers to: 

•      Use our daily pricing information as reference points in contracts and deals
•      Calculate profitability by using our figures
•      Analyse the markets by accessing the latest information on developments 
•      Understand key price drivers behind market movements
•      Access unrivalled coverage of Europe's emerging power markets

Our insights have been helping traders, electricity producers, buyers, suppliers and risk managers in their daily negotiations, analysis and trading for more than 14 years, by providing solid data and market intelligence on which they can base their commercial decision-making.