ICIS is the expert provider of pricing and market information across the European natural gas marketplace.

Our daily gas market coverage is published in the European Spot Gas Markets report, supplying readers with the latest prices and expert analysis on the current day's trading. We publish independent price assessments and indices - plus the latest analysis on gas market developments, trades, price trends and far reaching forward curves.

We are also the only provider to offer subscribers access to intra-day price assesments with supporting market commentary, as well as early evening closing gas price assesments for major European gas hubs.

With significant experience of the gas markets, ICIS is well-established as a trusted source of essential pricing intelligence.


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The expert coverage in European Spot Gas Markets includes:

  • View intra-day price assessments for the British NBP, Dutch TTF and German NCG (day-ahead and front month)
  • Be the first to gain access to closing price assessments, covering all major hubs, including British NBP, Belgian Zeebrugge and Zeebrugge Trading Point (ZTP), Dutch TTF, German NCG and GASPOOL, Austrian CEGH, Italian PSV, French PEG Nord, PEG Sud and PEG TIGF
  • A wide range of spot and forward price assessments
  • The longest historical gas pricing archive in the market, going back to 1995
  • Analytical graphs and charts to compare price movements
  • Supply and demand data
  • Daily news stories plus a weekly review on key developments
  • European OTC trades
  • Go to the gas overview page

ICIS gas market updates mean you’re always in the know

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