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We publish robust pricing information, in-depth analysis and the latest news for China, which is the world’s largest producer, consumer and importer of coal.

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What's happening in the Coal market?
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Coal Overview Transcript

After a turbulent start to 2011 which saw China emerge as a major net importer of coal, global fuel markets rallied in response to the accident at the Japanese nuclear plant.

Ample supply and continuous worries over the global financial crisis now weigh heavily on major coal hubs. European recession fears are spilling in to China and other Asian countries.

This combination of ample supply and faltering economies mean that coal demand projections are well below anticipated levels. At the same time, the European market seems to have matured.

The traditional suppliers to Europe, such as Columbia, the US and Russia are now fixing their sights on Chinese and Indian markets as new sources of revenue.

Once again the focus of the coal market is shifting, the pace of change accelerating and the need for information increasing rapidly.

ICIS is well position to supply that information to help make important trading decisions.

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