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Our comprehensive range of in-depth electricity price reports are provided by our specialist team of experts, supplying information on established electricity markets in western and central Europe, as well as the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Countries covered include the UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as a further nine European markets.

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Electricity Overview Transcript


The interesting thing about the European Electricity markets is that electricity can’t be stored so unlike other commodities, you don’t have the ability to put things in storage, and you don’t have those dynamics.


The grid has to balance the power market every minute of every hour of every day.


Another thing that’s making electricity really interesting right now is that it’s a key part of the renewable energy policy of the European Union. The European Union is relying on power to make up most of its renewable energy targets. And so gas-fired generation, coal-fired generation and hydro-generation is coming together with newer forms of renewable forms of generation such as wind and solar and the differences in weather make for very volatile pricing.

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