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ICIS offers trusted and reliable market intelligence for those buying or selling Feedstocks or related products in the global Feedstocks market.

Our reporters across Asia, Europe and the US keep in touch with local markets, bringing you price assessments, in-depth news and analysis which you can rely on to guide you in your commercial decisions.

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The weekly Atlantic Basin feedstock report provides all the latest market commentary and spot prices for a range of refined products from the US and European perspective.


The European section deals with a range of refined products from light distillates through to heavy distillates. This includes Naphtha, gasoil barges, gasoil cargoes, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and vacuum gas oil (VGA).


For each of these markets, I speak to a wide range of contacts including producers, buyers, and brokers. Drawing on this broad base of knowledge enables ICIS to make comprehensive commentary on market events and also form an accurate and balanced view of any activity in the market-- tends which might be occurring. Sometimes contacts might be able to predict where they might thing the market might head.


For all the latest thoughts and opinions on the market and the most recent prices, the feedstocks report will be of benefit to you.

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