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ICIS provides extensive coverage of the global natural gas markets, bringing you independent pricing information and in-depth analysis, along with commentary and news. Information, such as price assessments and indices, can be easily accessed on the ICIS Dashboard.

Our network of reporters in Europe, China, Singapore and the US delivers local insights for many hubs and markets, published across a wide range of gas reports. ICIS is an established source of essential pricing information, used by key players in the global markets. In particular, the NBP Heren Index and TTF Heren Index are key global benchmarks for the European natural gas markets.

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TTF Day-ahead Natural Gas Price Assessment

The Dutch TTF Day-ahead natural gas price is trading at lows not seen for a number of years

Natural Gas Market Overview

Updated to Q3 2016

European natural gas prices have come under considerable downward pressure in recent years, with the Dutch TTF Day-ahead contract assessed at €11.05/MWh in late August 2016. Having been worth more than €25.00/MWh in early 2014, the TTF price – which is a benchmark for the European market – has traded lower on improved global supply and lacklustre European demand. Weak oil prices have also contributed to this fall.

Much of the additional global supply comes from new production and exports from the US and Australia, which has allowed other exporters, such as Qatar, to send more natural gas to the NBP and TTF.

At the same time, traditional European suppliers in Norway and Russia continue to distribute their natural gas to the traded hubs in Europe.

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Norway’s Statoil holds off on Q3 gas sales

...produced a high amount of flex gas volumes while we did the opposite this year,” he said. Statoil’s flexible gas volumes largely originate from the... Thu, 27 Oct 2016

Ghana domestic gas production casts more doubt on FSRU

...Ghana domestic gas production casts more doubt on FSRU. Josie Shillito. Progress on developing Ghana’s Sankofa gas field is putting more pressure on planned... Thu, 27 Oct 2016

SPIMEX delays Russian gas index launch to 2017

...The majority of those deals are those done by Russia’s independent producers, such as Novatek and Rosneft, as gas major Gazprom has to sell gas out of... Thu, 27 Oct 2016

Mexican IPPs to sit out Sistrangas open season

...Mexican IPPs to sit out Sistrangas open season. James Fowler. With only a month to go before the launch of Mexico’s first open season for natural gas... Tue, 25 Oct 2016

Asia gas market to stay tepid until 2020 on weak fundamentals global demand, requiring timely investments in natural gas extraction projects, he said. “The golden age of gas has not come, except for North America,... Wed, 26 Oct 2016

Market highlight: UK South Hook LNG send-out hits record low in October

Market highlight: UK South Hook LNG send-out hits record low in October

Deliveries from Britain’s South Hook LNG site dropped by 88% year on year in the first half of October, amid strong demand in South Korea for Qatari gas over the period.

Shippers turned to gas storage facilities to cover the shortfall in supply, leaving sites even more depleted going into the winter months.

ICIS looks at why send-out from Britain’s most influential LNG terminal has fallen so sharply, in the context of an outage at Britain’s largest storage site – a time when high LNG send-out would have been a boon for the British market.

Market highlight: Britain-Belgium Interconnector gas pipe becomes less responsive to Day-ahead basis

Market highlight: Britain-Belgium Interconnector gas pipe becomes less responsive to Day-ahead basis

Natural gas flow via the bidirectional Interconnector pipe linking Britain and Belgium was less responsive to the premium of the Zeebrugge Day-ahead contract over its NBP counterpart – known as the basis – during gas year 2015, ICIS analysis shows.

ICIS looks at why one of the most price-sensitive pipes in Europe became less so in gas year 2015, and analyses net British exports via the pipe as well as basis volatility.

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