Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

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ICIS is your one-stop source of intelligence for trading LNG

The global LNG supply-demand market continues to evolve. Emerging demand, shifts in trades, price fluctuations, local government legislations – all of which affects trading activities that are not as straight-forward to follow.

ICIS offers valuable information to help you understand and quickly identify the opportunities in this complex market. Our LNG product suite includes pricing information, news, market analysis, real-time LNG tracking and analytics tools.

At ICIS, we make it easier for you to stay competitive when trading LNG. 

LNG global pricing data and news

ICIS delivers independent and highly regarded coverage of the global LNG markets. Our daily and weekly reports include:

  • Spot assessments – 22 DES + 8 FOB prices
  • East Asia index (EAX) and four other regional indices
  • Historical pricing data
  • Market news and analysis
  • Charter rates and availability
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Insights into China’s growing LNG import market

ICIS provides unparalleled pricing and market intelligence for China’s LNG/natural gas markets. Access the information you need to monitor price fluctuations, gain first-mover advantage and secure investment opportunities in the country with the following China-specific reports: Enquire about the report

Mexico’s gas market analysis webinar

Mexico’s gas market analysis webinar

We hosted a webinar on 25 November 2014 that covered the developments in Mexico’s gas market following the country’s energy reforms.

Access the webinar recording and presentation slides  to gain a further understanding of how these changes can potentially impact both regional and global markets.  

Whitepaper: Mexico’s natural gas revolution

Whitepaper: Mexico’s natural gas revolution

Mexico is already one of the world’s top 10 largest gas market consumers. Following the recent approval of its energy reforms, the country aims to boost its natural gas demand by over 50% through investments in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. It has also set  an increasingly important role for the private sector in fulfilling the country’s future energy development. As a player in the industry, how will these domestic developments affect the natural gas traders and the global LNG market?  

LNG daily and weekly pricing

LNG daily and weekly pricing

Our daily and weekly reports include the widest range of price assessments for the LNG spot market, comprehensive list of trade activities, expert analysis, latest news influencing prices and LNG shipping data.

All of this will help you to optimise trading returns as well as inform strategies and market exposure.