Access LNG vessel data for a complete view on LNG supply and demand

ICIS LNG shipping information facilitates informed decision-making when buying and selling LNG volumes in the short, medium or long-term. Plan trades with the latest charter rates using our cost data and secure transport using our data on ship availability ICIS experts also analyse the latest LNG tanker data to give you visibility of spot volume delivery. For a more detailed view, we provide netback values for the 22 major LNG destinations, so you can see the most profitable routes to trade on.

ICIS LNG shipping data forms part of our comprehensive LNG pricing and market coverage. This is published as daily and weekly reports and covers the short-term spot price market as well as long-term contract prices. News and analysis of LNG shipping and the wider LNG market is included, keeping you up-to-date on the latest market shifts along with expert insight into where the market is heading.

ICIS LNG market and shipping coverage is designed to facilitate fast and confident decisions, enabling you to access the information you need easily, act quickly, and ultimately trade with confidence.

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ICIS LNG market coverage provides shipping data and all the price assessments you need

  • Charter rate assessments and a list of vessels available for charter.
  • Global LNG tanker movements and with weekly updates.
  • Netback values and shipping costs for the 22 busiest LNG terminals.
  • Bunker prices updated on a daily basis.
  • Regional indices for spot LNG at five major LNG import areas: EAX (East Asia Index), SAX (South American Index), MDX (Mediterranean Index), NEX (Northwest Europe Index) and IBX (Iberia Index).
  • Spot price assessments for the world's 22 busiest cargo-receiving destinations.
  • Calculated FOB assessments for eight producing regions, plus assessments for the busiest LNG reload terminals.
  • The first assessment for the FOB reload business from Spain as of November 2013.
  • A list of current bids and offers for spot cargoes in East Asia.
  • Half month price assessments for East Asia DES.
  • Daily commentary on the NBP and Henry Hub markets.
  • Key oil and gas prices affecting the LNG market.
  • A spot market comment breaking the news of the latest tenders, deals and negotiations.

ICIS LNG shipping updates mean you’re always in the know

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