Make informed decisions. Access robust datasets and the latest power forecast models with the Power Portal.


The ICIS Power Portal consolidates extensive data on the EU power markets in one online portal. The unique expertise gained from the acquisition of Tschach Solutions, allows us to provide short, medium and long term price forecasting for the power market.

Our insights covers the whole of the EU – with an additional hourly power production and demand forecast data for the German market – the largest electricity market in Europe.

With fundamental, and renewable data on current and historic power production and demand, across the EU. We’ll give you the information you need to strengthen your trading and hedging strategies, and support market analysis.

In addition, the ICIS Power Portal includes European Daily Electricity Markets – your daily digest of the European electricity markets. It contains unbiased, independent and robust price assessments with expert market commentary and analysis for the power professional. Data is broken down by country, fuel-type, month and year, making it easy to access the information you require.

We will provide you with unrivalled coverage of the electricity markets including daily OTC prices, analysis on the fundamental drivers of price movements and the latest intelligence on the renewable energy markets.

What's included?
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Power Portal benefits

  • Convenient – Hourly resolution EU-spanning data available in one data source
  • News and prices – EDEM allows you to access over 200 OTC electricity prices accompanied by market commentary and analysis
  • Extensive – Current and historic power production and demand, for all EU countries
  • Insightful – Follow and compare the main power market players’ hedging activity on the forward curve
  • Comprehensive – All micro and macro factors considered to give greater understanding of the power market
  • Robust power forecasts using machine learning algorithms
  • German Power demand – Data analysis within the largest electricity market in Europe Behavioural data on hedging strategies

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