ICIS is your go-to source for reliable forecasts for power trading

The ICIS price forecasts provide the highest accuracy by combining deep market knowledge with advanced quantitative modelling techniques. Enhance your trading and optimisation results with forecasts that consistently beat* the market.

ICIS Power 15 min Intra-day Forecasts

Trading volumes on the German power market are moving closer to delivery as electricity production from hard-to –forecast renewable sources increases.

The ICIS intra-day forecast predicts prices in the German intraday auction with high accuracy, having enabled over €12.000/MWh trading profits last year even with simple trading strategies.

For highest forecast accuracy, the forecast combines a range of modelling techniques, proprietary and external fundamental data and our analysts’ expertise. The forecast is updated three times per day, at 8:15 am, 11:15 am and 1:30pm, making sure our customers are always up to date.

The ICIS intra-day forecast is unique in its accuracy and you can immediately see the benefits for yourself by taking a free trial of the product until 4 July 2016.

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Day-ahead price forecasts – Prices that inform decisions

The ICIS day-ahead price forecast combines a range of modelling techniques, including regression and neural network approaches, to accurately forecast prices in all situations. Backed by analyst insight and applying past learning to current market fundamentals, this results in more reliable price forecasts - even when markets are volatile.

Benefits at a glance
  • Directly trade on a forecast that consistently beats* the market
  • Optimise your dispatching to maximise revenues and efficiency
  • Always be up to date with a forecast that is updated six times per day, including weekends
  • Get direct access to analysts to answer your critical questions on the market
  • Access proprietary, top class wind, solar and demand forecasts
  • Ensure you have the best quality information: multiple daily quality checks and continuously reviewed modelling techniques, inputs and weightings

* In 2015, the ICIS spot price forecast was directionally correct in 58% of hours.

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ICIS Price Forward Curves

The ICIS Price Forward Curves service provides you with an independent source of forward curve data for key European gas and power markets.

Based on trusted ICIS daily price assessments, market expertise and built in partnership with DataGenic, this synergy of market insight and a purpose-built curve creation platform gives you an independent and trusted source of gas forward curve data.

Hourly priced forward curves for the German power market model the effect of increasing renewable capacity on price shapes. The forward-looking HPFCs are built using the superior ICIS spot price model and give you the opportunity to identify real business risks and value assets reliably.

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Demand Forecasts – based on the highest resolution inputs

The ICIS demand forecast delivers highest accuracy by processing an unusually high number of input variables without overfitting.

Thanks to the use of a neural network approach, even highest resolution population weighted weather data can be incorporated, including over 1,000 data points for temperature, solar radiation and rainfall.

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About ICIS

ICIS provides independent and robust pricing information for the global energy markets. Our comprehensive reports cover key markets including electricity, gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), carbon-emissions, renewable energy, coal and crude oil.

The team of market experts and editors follow the energy markets closely and report on prices, developments and news as they happen.

Our reports are valued by the financial community, producers, buyers and suppliers in the energy industry. They rely on ICIS reports for independent pricing data that helps to strengthen their position in price negotiations, understand price movements and reasons behind them and to analyse the supply/demand dynamics of the global energy markets.

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What's included?

  • Price forecast
  • Proprietary solar and wind forecasts for multiple European countries
  • Proprietary demand forecasts for multiple European countries
  • Outage alerts
  • Daily analyst updates

What our customers say about ICIS

“We tested a range of forecast providers and the ICIS spot price forecast was by far the best.”
Trader, International Utility