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What's happening in the Sulphuric acid market?

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Sulphuric Acid Asia Transcript


The weekly ICIS Asia sulphuric acid report examines trade flows within northeast Asia, and from northeast Asia into southeast Asia, India and Chile.


The report focuses mainly on material originating from Japan, Korea and China, as these represent the main export markets for sulphuric acid. Exports from Australia, India and the Philippines are also reflected periodically in the report.


ICIS assesses spot prices for 98% sulphuric acid on an FOB China, CFR southeast Asia and CFR India basis. Contract prices are assessed on a CFR Northeast Asia and CFR southeast Asia basis.


The report also includes information on the domestic prices in China, shipping enquiries and fixtures, spot freight rates and metals prices for copper, nickel and zinc. In addition it covers feedstock sulphur prices and downstream diammonium phosphate(DAP) prices


ICIS collects information about new sales, changes to supply and demand and any other factors that can have an impact on the sulphuric acid market during the week. Producers, end-users, shippers and traders are contacted, and information received is carefully counter- checked to ensure accuracy.


Published every Friday, the report is a valuable resource for those active in or wishing to learn more about the Asian sulphuric acid market.

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