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China has emerged as a major producer and exporter of urea in recent years.  Access to reliable information about China’s domestic urea market is vital to be able to anticipate how developments can affect your business.

ICIS coverage of the China urea market, gives you a complete supply-and-demand picture for China and insight into its urea exports. 

Use ICIS information to:

  • Obtain weekly urea price movements in China
  • Understand China’s urea domestic and export market situation
  • Plan your trades to optimise your margins
  • Negotiate urea prices with confidence

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Urea China Transcript

ICIS produces a weekly China Urea report which provides accurate and respected assessments on the key China market.

Quotes for FOB export prices as well as domestic spot-market prices are included in the report.

Price assessments are generated after conversations with a wide range of buyers and sellers in the market to ensure a balanced and accurate view.

On the supply side, the report tracks the activities of urea factories , whereas downstream, the report looks at the domestic agricultural sector and a number of related urea markets to get a clear view of demand drivers.

Beside supply and demand, China’s macro-economic policy also influences the market.

The report captures data on export tariffs, domestic policy regarding key feeds in urea production such as electricity, coal and gas, which can also influence pricing. The report is valued by subscribers because it gives a clear window on the market situation in this important market and allows for more effective business planning.

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We offer the following regional Urea coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the China Urea marketplace.

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