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News Archive


Belgium: Prompt stays basis positive; Interconnector flows strong

Zeebrugge Day-ahead trade was choppy on Friday, trading up and down between 54.70p/th and 54.90p/th for much of the day before rising at the close to over...

25 Feb 2011 19:53 | ESGM


Britain and Germany pay less for Gazprom gas in 2010 - reports

Gazprom's average gas export price to Great Britain dropped in 2010 to $191 (€138.8)/1,000 cubic metres (Km³) from the $260/Km³ in the previous year, figures...

25 Feb 2011 18:26 | ESGM


Britain: Late curve rally squeezes out shorts, belies dipping oil

Just as traders were ready to close positions for the week, NBP prices jumped in the last hour of trade amid a spate of short positions being stopped out....

25 Feb 2011 19:39 | ESGM


CEE/SEE: Curve could hold steady on colder weather

Curve values across the region were calm on Friday as the storm recently seen on the oil markets abated.One trader said a downward correction on the...

25 Feb 2011 19:57 | EDEM


Comment: Qatargas displays caution with short-term deal

Despite a new mid-term deal signed into the UK, Qatargas has made it clear that its long-term priorities lie in Asia.

25 Feb 2011 19:18 | GLM


Daily oil summary

Prices rose sharply again in early trading on Friday, but they stalled well below the previous day's highs and quickly gave back the gains once Europe opened...

25 Feb 2011 21:12 | EDEM ESGM


EU to hold summit Monday to outline energy agenda

Proposed tailor-made energy regulation and new ways to fund investment will be top of the agenda at an EU summit on Monday.REMITIt will be...

25 Feb 2011 19:29 | EDEM


France: PEG market drifts through lack of fundamental drivers

The French PEG markets were described as "trying to find direction" on Friday, with oil prices relaxing a little, pushing the PEG Nord curve down, and few...

25 Feb 2011 19:54 | ESGM


Gas outlook

Britain The uncertainty over the oil price will continue to loom large on the NBP over the weekend and for the foreseeable future. It will also remain...

25 Feb 2011 18:30 | ESGM


German/French: Liquidity drops as markets take a breather

After a turbulent week for the fuels complex, the French and German power markets were quiet on Friday, despite the strong performance of the spot and prompt...

25 Feb 2011 19:58 | EDEM


Germany cuts solar subsidies as summer price levels rise

The German parliament adopted the law cutting solar subsidies by up to 15% late on Thursday, in a bid to lower the cost of solar power generation. The cuts...

25 Feb 2011 19:08 | EDEM


Germany/Austria: German near curve mainly ignores late TTF price rally

German front-month prices managed to escape the worst of a late rally that took the TTF and NBP higher in the last hour of trading on FridayNCG March...

25 Feb 2011 19:44 | ESGM


Italy: Trading calms to near-halt as oil price eases

Calm swept through the market on Friday following the buying frenzy and strong rises earlier this week. Prices on both the prompt and curve slipped thanks...

25 Feb 2011 19:00 | EDEM


Netherlands: Curve gains more than €1 over Libya

Bulls were out in full force on the Dutch curve this week, mainly over fears linked the rebellions in the Middle East, rather than real fundamentals, traders...

25 Feb 2011 19:39 | EDEM


Netherlands: Late near-curve rally forces traders back into market

Near-curve prices rallied in the last hour of trade at the TTF on Friday, taking many by surprise. Although not explicitly confirmed, this was undoubtedly...

25 Feb 2011 19:15 | ESGM

Physical coal: Paper market remain strong despite first force majeures lifted

AustraliaNewcastle coal was trading higher at the start of the week, compared with deals struck late the week before, despite news that force majeures...

25 Feb 2011 18:57 | CSD


REE posts 18% increase in net income

Spanish grid operator Red Electrica (REE) increased net income by 18.5% year on year to €390m in 2010.Gross profit before tax was pegged at €1bn....

25 Feb 2011 18:53 | EDEM


Spanish domestic coal support to start on Saturday

New legislation obliging Spanish power producers to generate a certain amount of electricity from Spanish coal will kick in from Saturday 26 February, Spanish...

25 Feb 2011 18:30 | EDEM


UK stocks rise 18% year on year

Total stocks in UK store were 18% higher than at the same time last year at the start of the gas day, with 1.3Gm³ in store.This is a fall of 6.5%...

25 Feb 2011 18:40 | ESGM


UK: Seasons lifted by end of day bullrun

Curve contracts were pegged higher at the end of Friday, as a very late bullrun on the NBP led counterparties on the power market to assess seasonal contracts...

25 Feb 2011 19:25 | EDEM

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