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News Archive


Belgium: Basis moves closer to zero; natural gas storage still lowsubscriber only

The outright Belgian Day-ahead natural gas contract fell by nearly one pence on Thursday, slightly outpacing its NBP equivalent. Thus the basis moved closer...

30 May 2013 20:44 | ESGM


Britain: NBP contracts pushed down by oversupplied natural gas systemsubscriber only

Natural gas contracts on the NBP were generally bearish on Thursday, encouraged by an oversupplied system and falling oil prices, although several contracts...

30 May 2013 20:29 | ESGM


Bulgaria/Greece: Bulgarian traders wait for export tariff cutsubscriber only

The Bulgarian front month remained unchanged as traders eagerly awaited a possible decision on the reduction of the export tariff from 1 July. The...

30 May 2013 18:49 | EDEM


Carbon: Snapshotsubscriber only

Carbon prices rose on Thursday in a quiet session, as buying interest ahead of an important policy meeting continues to push prices cautiously north.EUAs...

30 May 2013 21:40 | EDCM


CEE: June ‘13 contract bearish ahead of deliverysubscriber only

Regional far curves took a bearish direction in line with Germany on Thursday, save for Poland and the Czech Republic and front-month contracts shed value...

30 May 2013 21:29 | EDEM


Comment: Israel’s natural gas bounty poses challenges, but also long-term opportunitiessubscriber only

Israel is likely to join the LNG exporters club, but may find greater long-term benefits by seeking other monetisation options as well

30 May 2013 19:45 | GLM


CORRECTED: EU hopes to finalise NIMs before summer break - Delbeke

The European Commission plans to finalise the long-awaited free allocation of EU allowances (EUAs) for its Emissions Trading System's (ETS) current phase...

30 May 2013 18:03 | EDCM


Daily oil summarysubscriber only

Despite the weekly US stock figures published late on Wednesday by the American Petroleum Institute (API) showing large builds across the board, crude oil...

30 May 2013 22:16 | EDEM ESGM


Daily oil summarysubscriber only

Despite the weekly US stock figures published late on Wednesday by the American Petroleum Institute (API) showing large builds across the board, crude oil...

30 May 2013 22:16 | EDEM ESGM


EU pushes Belgium and Estonia to implement renewable energy lawssubscriber only

On Thursday the European Commission requested Belgium and Estonia to take action to ensure full compliance with EU rules on renewables. If the two countries...

30 May 2013 17:50 | EDEM


EU warns Romania's electricity exchange OPCOM on trader discrimination

The EU has objected to Romanian electricity exchange OPCOM's regulations as discriminating against foreign traders. The European Commission issued...

30 May 2013 22:20 | EDEM


European Commission Director-General calls idea to expand NER300 model "interesting"subscriber only

The EU could roll out more schemes like the NER300 - where it sells off EU allowances (EUAs) to raise cash for clean energy technology - if there is sufficient...

30 May 2013 17:50 | EDCM


France: PEGs bearish as demand falls; Sud and TIGF see sharp dropssubscriber only

In contrast to gains seen on the Day-ahead products the previous day, the French PEG natural gas prompt was bearish on Thursday amid falling demand. Sud...

30 May 2013 21:15 | ESGM


Germany/Austria: Prompt pulled lower; Germany exporting natural gas to the Netherlandssubscriber only

German prompt natural gas contracts came under pressure on Thursday, although given the public holiday in much of the country liquidity was said to be lower...

30 May 2013 21:09 | ESGM


Germany/France: Curves slide on soft coal pricessubscriber only

Moderate losses were seen throughout German curve on Thursday, taking their cue from lower coal prices, in spite of marginally stronger carbon. High hydro...

30 May 2013 22:29 | EDEM


Italy: Spot levels, mainland European prices erode curvesubscriber only

The Italian wholesale electricity prompt and near curve lost ground on Thursday, pressured by weak spot levels and bearish European markets. The far curve...

30 May 2013 21:55 | EDEM


Netherlands: Prompt sags; natural gas spread closes between June and Day-aheadsubscriber only

It was a softer day at the TTF on Thursday, as Dutch natural gas prices took their cue from an NBP that had opened bearishly on the back of a comfortable...

30 May 2013 20:51 | ESGM


Solar energy to compete with conventional generation by 2020 - SERsubscriber only

Photovoltaic solar power production will become competitive between this year and 2020, French renewable energy lobby group SER said in a report published...

30 May 2013 17:52 | EDEM


Turkey: Natural gas prices still to react to rising summer demandsubscriber only

Turkish gas consumption has been inching up in May although wholesale prices are still to react to changes in demand fundamentals.Companies interviewed...

30 May 2013 21:32 | ESGM


Turkey: Q1 revised up despite fundamentals dilemmasubscriber only

Curve values failed to achieve a consistent direction on Thursday as near end products were estimated lower on the previous day while contracts further out...

30 May 2013 21:39 | EDEM


US natural gas injection rate builds as stocks hit 2.1tcfsubscriber only

US natural gas stock levels continued to build over the week ended 24 May, with the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reporting the addition of...

30 May 2013 19:55 | GLM

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