ICIS at AFPM 2014


ICIS at AFPM 2014

About ICIS at AFPM IPC 30 March – 1 April 2014

ICIS showcases its enhanced services at the AFPM IPC 2014 in San Antonio, Texas, Salon C in the Marriott Riverwalk.

Helping you plan for the future while supporting your decision-making today

  • Prices – benchmark pricing data to drive your negotiations
  • News – breaking news gives you insight into the factors driving markets
  • Analysis – market data and expertise help you to plan and make informed decisions
  • Consulting – global advisory services to support your individual business goals

Sunday Seminar, 2:00pm: Where are we in the Chemical cycle?

A unique look at the US shale boom, macro factors and the impact on other chemical by-products. A short presentation on Sunday, 30 March at 2:00pm, with Q&A after. Click here to register.

Demo the enhanced ICIS Dashboard:

  • Compare price assessments side-by-side
  • Access data on supply and demand, production capacity and trade flows across regions
  • New features include the ability to save your own Dashboard views and improved navigation

An expert view of supply and demand:

  • Consistent databases for S&D, capabilities, trade and capacity ownership
  • From crude oil through refined products to petrochemicals
  • Global data across 160 countries and 100 markets, including an in-depth view of China
  • Historical data and projects from 1978-2030

Benchmark pricing data to:

  • Inform your contract negotiations
  • Trade with confidence
  • Build trust, knowing that prices are based on independent data

Latest news from ICIS editors at the conference


AFPM Special Publication

AFPM Special Publication

ICIS produces a special publication for the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) conference at the end of March 2014 in San Antonio, Texas.



  Meet the Editorial Team attending AFPM

Stephen Burns Editorial Director

Stephen Burns is the Editorial Director for ICIS, looking after content in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

He can be reached at Stephen.Burns@icis.com

George Martin Deputy Bureau Chief

George Martin is the Deputy Bureau Chief of the Americas region. He covers Latin America polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene and US butanediol. He can be reached at George.Martin@icis.com

Ron Coifman Senior Editor

Ron Coifman is a senior editor in the Americas region covering Latin America polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda and PET, as well as US polyols, isocyanates, and propylene oxide. He can be reached at Ronald.Coifman@icis.com

Leela Landress Analyst

Leela Landress, based in Colombia, is a Latin America analyst looking after Latin America ethanol, US sorbitol, glycerine, crude glycerine, fatty acids and biodiesel. She can be reached at Leela.Landress@icis.com or @icis_Landress

Barbara Ortner Head of Market Reporting

Barbara Ortner is the Head of Market Reporting globally.

She can be reached at Barbara.Ortner@icis.com or @barbaraortner

William Lemos Managing Editor, Europe

William Lemos is the Managing Editor for Europe.

He can be reached at William.Lemos@icis.com

Al Greenwood Deputy News Editor

Al Greenwood is the Deputy News Editor for the Americas region.

He can be reached at Al.Greenwood@icis.com or @ICIS_Al

Nigel Davis Insight Editor

Nigel, a chemist by training, is Insight editor with ICIS.

He can be reached at Nigel.Davis@icis.com

Judith Taylor Senior Editor US

Judith reports on the Baseoils, Fatty Alcohols and Paraffin Wax markets in the US.

She can be reached at Judith.Taylor@icis.com

John Dietrich Senior Editor Manager US

John reports on the Olefins and Epoxy Resins markets in the US.

He can be reached at John.Dietrich@icis.com

Brian Balboa Senior Editor Manager US

Brian reports on the aromatics markets in the US.

He can be reached at Brian.Balboa@icis.com or @balboa_icis

Nel Weddle Senior Editor Europe

Nel has been reporting on petchem markets at ICIS for 22 years and has been covering olefins for the last 10 years. She can be reached at Nel.Weddle@icis.com or @nelweddleICIS




Free Market Intelligence

AFPM Interactive

AFPM Interactive

ICIS brings you news and photo coverage from the AFPM International Petrochemical Conference in San Antonio, with video interviews with leading AFPM and industry executives, including Peter Huntsman, Lynne Lachemyer of ExxonMobil and Grant Thornton of NOVA Chemicals. They discuss shale gas, industry trends and issues and AFPM regulatory concerns.

ICIS Special Report: US polyolefins

ICIS Special Report: US polyolefins

The US polyolefin markets will be among the greatest benefactors of improved cracker and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) capacity in the coming years. ICIS editor Michelle Klump talks about how those future upstream supply additions are impacting current market trends.

ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies


The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies 2015 listing highlights the top players in the global chemical industry.

Most chemical companies found it difficult to generate top line and profit growth in 2015 following a strong performance in 2014. 



ICIS Special Report: US ethylene and benzene

ICIS Special Report: US ethylene and benzene

Nel Weddle interviews John Dietrich and Brian Balboa on the US ethylene and benzene markets.

The US ethylene market is continuing to undergo a fundamental shift in production and feedstock toward ethane cracking, with at least a dozen new crackers set to be constructed in the US.

The US shale gas boom, outlook and implications for global chemicals

The US shale gas boom, outlook and implications for global chemicals

The capacity for US ethylene and derivatives will increase substantially between now and 2020, boosting the global footprint. The level of US plastics exports is expected to increase in line with capacity.

US producers will benefit from a cost advantage and relatively high margins until about 2017 when the flood of capacity comes on.

Market insight: Chemical industry focused on green targets

Market insight: Chemical industry focused on green targets

The chemical industry has been dealing with EU legislation in recent years aimed at making the world a safer and healthier place to live and work in. More than 130 separate environmental targets and objectives have to be met in Europe between 2010 and 2050 in a drive to cut energy use, pollution, and waste generation.

The monthly ICIS Petrochemical Index (IPEX)



Published at the beginning of each month, the Global IPEX provides a capacity-weighted measure of the average change in petrochemical prices over time.

Regional data downloads are available for Asia, Europe and US.

A webinar on China’s economic transformation

A webinar on China’s economic transformation

China has driven growth in the chemical industry since 2008, however this was due to an explosion of credit. Now the country is facing the consequences of its $10 trillion surge and China’s new leaders recognise that an economic revolution is needed to solve this problem.

As part of the ICIS series of free market information, we hosted a webinar on 23 April 2014.  A  recording of the webinar and presentation slides is available for you to download.