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This page will provide you with useful information, reports and guides that will help you to get the most out of your marketing activities.



  • ICIS Media Connections e-newsletter

    ICIS Media Connections is a monthly e-newsletter specifically for marketers in the chemical industry. The e-newsletter contains useful marketing information, best practice, special reports and much more. Make sure you will receive ICIS media connections- sign up free today. To view past editions please visit the archive .

Free What Works Online Webcasts

  • Our parent company Reed Business Information's specialist team will run a number of free webcasts providing you with insight into what works online. These webcasts cover topics such as Website Usability, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC, Online Advertising, Email Marketing and Social Media. The next webcasts will take place on 6 and 7 April, 2011. You can register for the free webcast here>>

  • Marketing in a Down Economy The 'Justifying Marketing Expenditures in a Down Economy' Report by the Market Leadership Council summarises key findings and historical statistics on how to undertake marketing activity in an economic downturn. Download the free report here.


  • Report on media preferred by b2b decision makers

    Forrester surveyed 878 business decision-makers to find out which media they preferred using to do their jobs. Amongst the findings, the report will help you to get the right balance between traditional and online media, understand what the future holds for digital media and B2B media in general and get an insight into how industry-specific media influences decision-making. Download a free Digital Transformation research report here. 

  • Glossary of Online terms

    Have you ever wondered what all the online related abbreviations and terms mean? Find here a short and simple glossary of online terms that will help you to get grips with this exciting world.

  • Step by step guide to online advertising

    You have heard so much about online advertising and would like to be part of it. Online is a great medium for promoting your products and services. In short, it is targetable, measurable and allows immediate action. But where to start? Here you will find simple step by step guide to online advertising that will help you get started.
  • Lead capture top tips
    How to attract your potential customers and convice them to part with their contact details. The key is engaging call to action and value offering. Find out more here>>
  • How to to promote your company and products in a clear and persuasive way Clear, well-structured copy is critical in connecting with your audience. Top copywriter Tim Bax has a simple methodology to make all your arguments instantly more persuasive. He shares his advice here >>>

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