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ICIS Chemical Business Feature Calendar

Keep up-to-date with ICIS Chemical Business features through our Google calendar. You can also add our calendar to your iGoogle page, Google calendar or event syncronize it with your Outlook calendar. View below a step by step guide how to do it.


Get a pdf version of the ICB Feature Calendar here.



Do you have iGoogle page? Why not add the ICIS Features Calendar to your iGoogle


  • Once you have added the ICIS Features calendar to your calendar you can add it to your iGoogle page here.

  • click the 'Add it now' button and then the 'Back to iGoogle Home' link in the top left corner to take you back to your iGoogle home page.

View our calendar in your Microsoft Outlook


Add our calendar to your Google calendar


  • Visit Google Calendar. Log in using your existing Google log in or quickly register for a Google Calendar account (it's free!).

  • Search for ICIS Chemical Business.
  • When our calendar shows up just click "add calendar" button and now the calendar has been added to your own Google calendar.


And now you are all set up!