Make sense of business cash costs and cash margins

ICIS pricing’s weekly margin reports are designed to complement ICIS' highly regarded pricing data. They assess producer cash costs and cash margins by modelling raw material and key variable manufacturing costs, co-product credits and product yields across the business from feedstock, such as naphtha, through olefin to polymers, including polyethylene and polypropylene.


Combining ICIS pricing’s benchmark price assessments with feedstock yield models from Linde Engineering, the reports provide a clear indication of the direction of business cash costs and cash margins, forming a basis for informed market positioning by sellers, buyers and traders.

Watch a video about how the margin reports are put together and how they can help you and your business.

What our customers say about the margin reports

“ICIS pricing Polyethylene Margin report provides concise commentary and useful data tables and charts, giving a clear indication of what's happening in the polymers market. The precise and regularly updated measurement of producer cash costs and cash margins allow us to track the market movements and is useful in our negotiations with suppliers..”

Unilever Asia Private Ltd
Mr. Changsheng Wu, Global Procurement Director - Flexibles