Brexit and the impact on the petrochemical industry

The UK decided to leave the EU following the referendum that took place on 23 June. The impact of the “Brexit” decision was seen immediately with sterling falling to a 31-year low against the dollar.

ICIS has followed the lead up to the referendum and is now providing up-to-date coverage of the developing situation in the aftermath of the decision.

ICIS graphics and news output help readers assess the situation as it develops across multiple products.


Latest infographic

Brexit Infographic

The vote in favour of the UK leaving the European Union delivered a blow to business and to an industrial sector overwhelmingly supportive of the ‘Remain’ camp. The data from ICIS Consulting shows what proportion of the EU’s major petrochemical assets are in the UK.

They also illustrate the latest trade flows for the major olefins, aromatics, 12 major polymers and 21 intermediates.

Whitepaper: Opinions split over Brexit effect on the petrochemicals market

brexit whitepaper
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Brexit infographic 

Brexit Infographic

View the latest ICIS infographic to gain an insight into what market participants are thinking and what consequences a “leave” vote would have on the industry.

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