ICIS Supply and Demand database

The ICIS Supply and Demand Database is a single, highly searchable source of detailed historical and forecast data on petrochemical, energy and refining markets from around the globe.

Find out how our database can support your business planning

The Supply and Demand Database enables you to search upstream, midstream and downstream data spanning 160 countries and 100 markets. You can interrogate historical data as far back as 1978 and query and model forecast data up until 2030. It allows you to refine, sort, slice and export data, or create graphs and charts to illustrate your findings more easily and add weight to your strategic plans.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy to use - search, model and export using one online interface
  • Comprehensive - upstream, midstream and downstream data via a single source
  • Wide-ranging - 160 countries, 100 markets, spanning 1978 - 2030
  • Accurate - all data is already fully reconciled and updated quarterly
  • Supported - ICIS analysts are available to answer your data questions

Use the ICIS Supply and Demand Database to:

  • Source and download data for analysis and modelling
  • Review upstream and downstream market information
  • Analyse trends and forward plan using data from 1978 - 2030
  • Construct robust investment plans
  • Gain greater insight into key markets
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Use ICIS Annual Studies to give further insight

Find out how our Annual Studies can support your business planning

ICIS publishes a series of global annual studies, providing a detailed expert analysis of individual petrochemical, oil and gas markets. Dedicated reports on domestic China markets are also published. These studies give valuable commentary on a specific market and can enhance the insight gained from data extracted from the Supply and Demand Database. Analysis and forecast data on supply, demand, production and capacity for specific markets are all included.

What our customers say about the supply and demand database

I have to look at long-term and short-term supply and demand information. We have to have an eye on the immediate future in order to place ourselves strategically. 

Purchasing Manager

I use the annual supply and demand balances to enrich my knowledge as a trader. I need to know at all times where demand is going, what the global expectations are, so it's important to have an idea with regard to what's happening in the long-term. 


When we make long-term marketing studies and also short-term marketing plans we use supply and demand data balances. 

Sales Executive

Restructure plants to boost margins

With increasing supplies of gas-based petrochemical feedstocks coming on stream in the Middle East, now is a good time to consider reconfiguring refineries to boost production of chemicals for export to Asia.

Understanding your markets and devising a strategic plan are key elements of the consulting market outlook 'Surviving the storm'.

Surviving the storm – Market Outlook

James Ray, a senior consultant for ICIS, based in Houston, Texas, US, explores how purchasing managers can find prudent ways to deal with volatility in both supply and demand.

Understanding your markets and devising a strategic plan are key elements of the consulting market outlook 'Surviving the storm'.