ICIS Supply and Demand Window

A snapshot view of historical and forecast information on supply and demand, production capacity and trade flows

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The ICIS Supply and Demand Window uses detailed, objective data on global petrochemical supply, demand, production capacity, and trade flows to empower your business to make long-term, evidence-based decisions.

Available exclusively through the ICIS Dashboard, the Supply and Demand Window provides a fully customisable view of supply and demand across your chosen commodities, regions and timeframes, helping explain historical price movements, and illustrating future production imbalances. 

Covering a 6-11 year time span, the supply and demand data includes information on imports, exports and regional production capacity, revealing manufacturing capabilities within key geographical regions, and enabling you to gather an informed view of trade patterns to support your strategic plans, forecasting and contract negotiations.

The ICIS Supply and Demand Window enables businesses to:

  • Track production and consumption changes
  • Predict future prices to settle contracts with confidence
  • Compare producers manufacturing capabilities across regions
  • Study historical and forecast import and export data
  • Evaluate plant utilisation rates through comparing production and consumption

The Supply and Demand Window features:

  • Production vs. consumption data
  • Historical imports and exports
  • Regional production capacity by country or producer
  • A fully customisable interface


Supply and Demand Window information sheet

The ICIS Supply and Demand Window is a quick and easy way to answer questions that you may face when working in the petrochemicals markets

ICIS Dashboard brochure

The ICIS Dashboard service has the capability to give you ready access to its price quotes, news and historical and forecast information all in one place.

Products available on the ICIS Supply and Demand Window

Find out what chemical products are available on the ICIS Supply and Demand Window. We are always updating our coverage across markets – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in other products that are not on the list.