ICIS Price Forward Curves

Gas and Power

ICIS Price Forward Curves

The ICIS Price Forward Curves service provides you with an independent source of forward curve data for key European gas and power markets.

Based on trusted ICIS daily price assessments, market expertise and built in partnership with DataGenic, this synergy of market insight and a purpose-built curve creation platform gives you an independent and trusted source of gas forward curve data.

Hourly priced forward curves for the German power market model the effect of increasing renewable capacity on price shapes.  The forward-looking HPFCs are built using the superior ICIS spot price model and give you the opportunity to identify real business risks and value assets reliably.

The ICIS Price Forward Curves service is designed to help you manage your exposure to risk and volatility in European gas and power markets. The service supports asset valuation for your financial reporting and planning so you can make confident business decisions.

The ICIS Price Forward Curves service can be utilised as a primary source of forward prices by those who do not calculate their own forward curves, or as a secondary reference. The service can also be used as a validation tool by those who already have internal models but who are looking for an independent, expert view.

Key Features

  • Daily NBP and TTF market gas forward curves. Other markets coming soon.
  • Hourly price forward curves for the German power market.
  • Forward curves data five years ahead
  • Choice of delivery methods: Excel via FTP, chart and Excel via ICIS Dashboard

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Why we need to stop thinking about “peak”, and “off-peak” power
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Despite the obvious changes in price structure, we continue to think and trade in terms of peak and off-peak, and to use the previous year’s price structure when valuing future contracts. The error this causes in valuations is considerable, even if price levels are forecast correctly.

Download this whitepaper and find out how we can help you manage risk effectively using the ICIS Hourly Price Forward Curve. Please click here to download the whitepaper in German.

Supporting your business

  • Validate internally calculated price curves
  • Gain advantage over competition with more robust forward curve validation
  • Mark your portfolio to the market and calculate your daily profit and loss
  • Assess risk of positions and options to calculate volatility
  • Report the fair value of assets on financial statements
  • Asset valuation to aid with dynamic hedging

Free whitepaper: Behavioural drivers of German power prices

Besides fundamental drivers, behavioural drivers such as hedging behaviour influence power prices and particularly the price shape of the forward curve. While it is relatively well known that power producers, and particularly the operators of lignite-fired power stations, have been forced to hedge their production later, this whitepaper analyses the hedging behaviour on the buy side.

Download the whitepaper