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You can see the results of previous year's (2004-2011) ICIS Innovation Awards on this page. The categories and winners for each year are listed, and a link takes you through to a special article each year interviewing all the winners.

Winners in 2011 were:


  • Best Product Innovation: Teijin Group - World's first mass-produced technnologies for carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP)
  • Best Innovation by an SME: Lanzatech - A highly efficient route to carbon capture and re-use producing high-value chemicals and fuels
  • Best Business Innovation: BioAmber - Innovation in succinic acid
  • Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit - Novomer - Carbon dioxide-based polyols for high-performance coatings, adhesives, foams and composites

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Winners in 2010 were:

OVERALL WINNER: Tata Chemicals

  • Best Product Innovation: Tata Chemicals - Tata Swach nanotech water purifier
  • Best Innovation by an SME: NiTech Solutions - Use of innovative NiTech reactor by Genzyme
  • Best Business Innovation: Huntsman Advanced Materials - New generation of rapid manufacturing equipment and resins
  • Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit - Teijin Fibers - ECO CIRCLE innovative closed-loop recycling system for polyester 

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Winners in 2009 were: 


  • Best Product Innovation: CECA/Arkema - Formulations for √ígreener roads√ì
  • Best Innovation by an SME: Oxford Catalysts/Velocys - A microchannel reactor for distributed production of third-generation biofuels
  • Best Business Innovation: DSM - Moving down the value chain with claryl, the picture glass
  • Best Innovation in CSR: Tata Chemicals - Greening of alkali and saline sediments

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Winners in 2008 were:

  • Best Product Innovation: ExxonMobil Chemical/Tonen Chemical - Polymer-based battery separator film for lithium-ion batteries
  • Best Innovation by an SME: Virent Energy Systems - Production of hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals from plant sugars
  • Best Business Innovation: DSM Nutritional Products - Sight and Life project with the UN World Food Programme
  • Most Innovative CSR project: Dow Chemical - City wastewater effluent for industrial reuse project

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Winners in 2007 were:

  • Best Product Innovation: TFL Ledertechnik - Solar reflective leather dye to keep the wearer cool
  • Best Process Innovation: Asahi Kasei Chemicals - Novel, phosgene-free route to polycarbonate
  • Best Environmental Innovation: Rohmax Oil Additives, Evonik - Novel approach to saving energy through hydraulic fluid design
  • Best Innovation by an SME: Carotech - Integrated process for extraction of phytonutrietns and biodiesel from crude palm oil

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Winners in 2006 were:

  • Best Product Innovation: BASF - Hexamoll DINCH PVC plasticiser
  • Best Process Innovation: Air Liquide Electronics, Balazs Analytical Services -Practical use of laser ablation for materials analysis
  • Best Environmental Innovation: Metabolix - Biodegradable natural polymers
  • Best Innovation by an SME: Sto - Photocatalytic pigment for pollution-destroying pigments

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Winners in 2005 were:

  • Best Product Innovation: Westech Aerosol - Ekho fast-curing foamed thermoset adhesive
  • Best Process Innovation: SAM Electron Technologies - Cleaner, more efficient route to Vitamin K
  • Best Innovation by an SME: Halocarbon Products - Innovative route to new anaesthetic, desflurane
  • Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit: Oxonica - Envirox fuel-borne catalyst for diesel fuels 

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Winners in 2004 were:

  • Best product innovation: Air Products - Novel packaging system for welding gases
  • Best process innovation: BASF - Basil process using ionic liquids 

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