Fundamentals of the Base Oils Business

Base oils are the primary ingredient in finished lubricant formulations for automobiles, trucks, industrial lubricants, and a host of other products. The rise of different base oil manufacturing processes – and the different base oil types produced by each process – creates a difficult maze for refiners, marketers, and supply managers, especially those new to lubes. The product naming conventions, such as "100N" or "4cSt", are a vexation to those not familiar with base oils. Crude selection to maximize fuels profitability is often in conflict with crudes that are profitable for lube base oils, further complicating the manufacturing economics as well as the qualities of base oils. Navigate the maze and join ICIS for a day of introductory base oil training, led by an industry consultant with over 30 years of experience in base oil refining, international crude selection, and global lube supply and demand.


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Benefits to you and your company:

Understanding the different factors affecting the base oils market is crucial. The information provided in this course will help you function more effectively regardless of which part of the base oils supply chain your company operates in.

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What customers say about ICIS training


What customers say about ICIS training

What customers say about ICIS training

"We trust the information from ICIS. This is why I chose to come to this course."

Procurement Manager in a specialty chemicals company