Base Oils – product quality and global profitability

If you already know the difference between Group I, Group II and Group III base oils, but aren't sure of their product applications or key global suppliers, then Base Oils II can provide that understanding and background. A complication in the base oil world is the vast difference in supply quality between Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, and other regions. Additionally, each region and each type of manufacturing has a different set of manufacturing economics. The base oils market currently faces an imbalance between the types of base oils refined versus types of base oils grades required for finished lubricants. Understanding the different factors causing this imbalance of supply and demand will help clarify the base oils market situation. Knowledge of industry drivers for next generation finished lubricants requirements, along with technical details around base oil viscosity - volatility relationships, will give you a better understanding of what the future holds.


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Benefits to you and your company:

Understanding the base oils product offerings of major suppliers around the world and how these products are used to formulate different types of oil applications will help you function more effectively in the base oils market.

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What customers say about ICIS training


What customers say about ICIS training

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