Corporate Training Courses

The best decisions are made based on facts, knowledge and a clear picture of all factors affecting your business activities.
Fully understanding what is going on in the industry development and how these events affect your business, will help your employees make better informed decisions. But, to gather all this information requires time and effort – scarce commodities in today’s busy world.

ICIS training can help you bring your employees up to speed via its time- and costeffective training courses. Whether they are new recruits with no previous experience of your industry, or employees with experience in need of a refresher, ICIS can provide them with a course suitable for their current level of knowledge and future needs.


Introducing ICIS Corporate training

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What is ICIS corporate training?

  • ICIS corporate training provides specialist training courses across the globe.
  • We cover petrochemicals, base oils and fertilizers markets.
  • We offer specialised seminars tailored to your needs. They can be at your offices or other location convenient to you.
  • You can choose from our existing courses, or they can be customised to suit your specific requirements.
  • The key is that we are Flexible: you get to choose the content, as well as how and where it is delivered.
  • You can have one day or six months – it really is your choice.

Why choose ICIS corporate training for your company?

  • Our training team are real industry experts. They have, on average, over 15 years experience in the markets they cover.
  • They are well known and respected by their peers for the quality of their experience and knowledge.
  • So you can benefit from their practical experience to operate more efficiently in your job.

What are the benefits to you?

These seminars can take place in your own company environment, saving on transportation and accommodation costs, and saving you time. And of course corporate training is in a completely confidential environment.

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Training seminars

ICIS training courses explain the key concepts and fundamentals driving the markets, enabling your employees to increase their knowledge of the business and understand the bigger picture. ICIS training organises a number of training courses – at different levels – at various locations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Europe and the Americas covering:

Petrochemicals Oil refining, natural gas and base oils Fertilizers

Custom training courses

Our custom training courses are delivered as interactive workshops which are tailored to cover your specific needs and to focus on products or issues that you are interested in and that would be most beneficial for your company.

  • Benefit from the flexibilty of having the training at any location convenient to you, saving you transporation and accommodation costs
  • The flexibility to have sessions for as long as it suits your business
  • Interactive workshops with exercises and hands-on practice to help reinforce learning
  • Course materials in print and colour CDs with presentations and extensive background information



What customers say about ICIS training

"EQUATE Petrochemical Company would like to extend utmost appreciation to ICIS training for successfully training more than 1,000 employees as part of a business alignment programme. The interactive sessions were well received and the feedback has been very positive. Delegates expressed admiration for the knowledge and communication skills displayed by ICIS trainers. They also appreciated the trainers' ability to explain technical and business-related aspects of products and the industry in simple terms and keep the audience interested and engaged throughout the training."

Ghadah E. Ali

HR Learning & Development Leader