Ammonia Handling and Shipping Safety Workshop

The next workshop will be held on 15-16 October 2013 in Rotterdam.

Ammonia is explosive and needs to be refrigerated at -33ºC to be stored and transported safely. LPG tankers/vessels are used for its transportation and costs are usually higher than thansporting for other fertilizers. Logistics is an essential factor in the international trade of ammonia, as availability, costs and safety issues associated with ammonia vessels can have a major impact on the returns for producers or the prices ultimately paid by consumers. Ammonia safety is a priority issue for the industry, beyond commercial and legal issues.

The ICIS ammonia handling and shipping safety workshop provides you with the information needed for ensuring safe shipping and handling of anhydrous ammonia at terminals.


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Benefits to you and your company:

This workshop will help you gain the insights you need to ensure safe shipping and handling of ammonia. It will provide an opportunity to network with companies from different countries to share general guidelines, establish recommendations on safety checklists related to loading and discharging operations and discuss common issues addressing crucial safety and security aspects.

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What customers say about ICIS training


What customers say about ICIS training

"We trust the information from ICIS. This is why I chose to come to this course."

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