Fertilizers and Sulphur — An in-depth understanding

The Sulphur Institute and ICIS training will co-host a day-long training session April 7, 2014 in the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel. The training session will focus on the fertilizer industry and sulphur. These presentations are an excellent supplement to the Sulphur World Symposium 2014 program.

The fertilizer industry is global, with economic, logistical and safety challenges unrivalled in almost any other businesses. This condensed, one day training course, will give delegates the insight they need to understand the issues that affect the trade and prices of these fertilizer commodities.

The workshop is suitable for new recruits to the industry as well as non-fertilizer professionals. Designed to train delegates on the basic concepts of the fertilizer market and its trade; the course will provide delegates with an understanding of the key fundamentals and concepts that drive the fertilizer and Sulphur business, helping them to start working effectively in the industry.


To view scheduled times for this course and to book a place, please visit our fertilizer course calendar.

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Benefits to you and your company:

Work more effectively in the fertilizer and sulphur industry through the understanding of key fundamentals and concepts that drive the fertilizer business.

This cost and time-efficient seminar, delivered by a team of industry experts is designed to help you increase your knowledge of the fertilizer and sulphur business and gain the insight and know-how you need to operate and trade successfully.

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What customers say about ICIS training

What customers say about ICIS training

"We trust the information from ICIS. This is why I chose to come to this course."

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