Our Industry Tailored Training Courses

Petrochemicals Training

The chemical industry is interlinked and what is happens upstream will have an effect on your business.

ICIS training helps you to understand the fundamentals of the petrochemical industry – from what drives the petrochemical prices to how the conversion industry functions. Attending our training courses helps you gain the knowledge you need to confidently trade in this complex market.

Fertilizers Training

The global fertilizer industry faces challenges caused by commercial, logistics and safety issues.

Attending an ICIS training course will help you to understand factors affecting the trade and prices of fertilizers and ensure that you can work effectively in this market.

Corporate Training

Understanding the business your company is involved in helps your employees to make informed business decisions. But, to really grasp what is going on requires time and effort – scarce commodities in today’s busy world.

Tailor-made ICIS chemicals training courses explain the key concepts and fundamentals driving the markets in petrochemicals, surfactants and fertilizers, helping employees to increase their knowledge of these businesses and understand the bigger picture.



What customers say about ICIS training

"My company has been purchasing ICIS pricing information for a long time. I have found ICIS to be one of the most important and reliable third parties for us to verify information from our sellers. I have personally attended several courses by ICIS, and I am convinced that this training will be very helpful for my work."

Purchasing manager, Paints, coatings and specialty chemicals company