Fundamentals of Industrial Gases for Refining & Petrochemicals

This one-day course provides an overview of the importance of industrial gases to the petrochemical and refining sectors. 

Understanding the different industrial gases and their end-uses as petrochemical building blocks but also their role as an integral part of chemical and refining processes will help you recognise the impact of different supply options, pricing and cost structures as it impacts your business.

Attending this course will give you insights into the major producers, manufacturing, trends in supply and key demand drivers.


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Benefits to you and your company:

During the course you will have an opportunity to put some of the learning into practice. Working in groups with help from the presenters, you will have to assume the role of a buyer or supplier and analyse market dynamics to make buying decisions.

The course will help delegates understand:

  • What are the major industrial gases
  • How are they produced and supplied
  • What are the key products and major applications
  • How are they converted to finished products
  • What is the global demand and supply
  • Who are the major producers
  • How the industry has evolved
  • What/where are the opportunities and the challenges
  • How markets function
  • How are prices set/assessed and the regional differences in markets

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