Petrochemicals – an in depth introduction

The petrochemical industry is interlinked and developments in different parts of the petrochemical value chain can have an effect on your business.

Understanding the different petrochemical value chains and their end uses, how these chains interconnect, the processes and the raw materials for making petrochemicals, and what kind of changes are expected in the petrochemical business, will help you to make better informed business decisions.

Joining this course ensures that you can quickly get up to speed and gain the expertise you need to operate effectively in this complex market.


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Benefits to you and your company:

As an highly interactive guide to the petrochemical industry and markets, this course explores petrochemical value chains in detail, looking at feedstocks and end uses.

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What customers say about ICIS training


What customers say about ICIS training

"The course was outstanding! I learned how the petrochemical chain works and the gaps in my knowledge were covered."

Sasol, Germany