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Market outlook: M&A on the rise

There is a clear uptick in activity with 23 deals yet to close worth $17.7bn at the end of H1 and more major deals announced since Young &...


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ICIS Value Chain: Propylene

■ US spot prices have started to rebound on sentiment that the market has hit its floor. ■ US RGP/PGP spread has been wider than normal...

ICIS Value Chain: Polypropylene

64% derivative   ■ PP is used in plastic bags, yogurt cups, ropes, woven fabric, injection-moulded caps and bottles, auto...

ICIS Value Chain: Propylene oxide

8% derivative   ■ Over 80% of PO goes into two main uses: polyether polyols (60%) and propylene glycol (21%). Polyether polyols are used...

ICIS Value Chain: Acrylonitrile (ACN)

7% derivative ■ ACN is used in the production of acrylic fibres (AF), plastics and elastomers, with AF the largest end use. ACN is also...

ICIS Value Chain: Regional breakdown of propylene value chain prices

Regional breakdown of propylene value chains...

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Commentary: US projects kick off

The first wave of new US crackers backed by the shale gas boom is kicking off with four out the 11 planned crackers already under construction. Two others have secured some of the necessary permits, awaiting others. Together, these six crackers are scheduled to start up in 2017, and represent a 30% increase in existing US ethylene capacity. On a wider basis, there are a total of 11 planned new crackers in the US and seven expansions, which amount to 53% of existing capacity.

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INSIGHT: Slower renewables growth threatens climate change goals
“The warning of potentially slower growth follows a year which saw the fastest expansion ever of power generation from renewables.” more

VIDEO: ICIS special report on the fertilizers markets


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