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Adeka is primarily a producer of chemical and food products. It mainly uses caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen, oils and fats, as well as various petrochemical materials. The company's manufacturing base ranges from various inorganic, organic and oil and fat intermediate products, to semiconductor materials, dyes for recording materials, highly functional agents for digital home appliance, and fine chemical products.


The products are used in various industries, such as textiles, pulp, automobiles, civil engineering and construction, electrical machinery and appliances, plastics, and detergents. In the food business, through the use of animal and vegetable oil and fat materials to supply processed oils and fats, including margarine and shortening to the food industry (such as bakeries and confectioneries).


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Adeka was founded in 1915 and used the name Tokyo Denka Kogyo-sho. The company produced caustic soda by electrolysis. In 1917, Tokyo Denka Kogyo-sho was reformed and assumed a new name, Asahi Denka Kogyo K.K.


In 1919, the company started production of hydrogenated hardened oils, and expanded into the chemical industry with soda and oils and fats as its two main product lines.


In May 2006, the company name was changed from Asahi Denka to Adeka Corporation and its headquarters were moved to a new building in Higashioku, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Adeka Strategy & Financial Highlights

Adeka will focus on its new medium-term business plan for fiscal year 2008-2009. In its medium-term business plan the main theme is maximisation of corporate value. (Edited from: company website, “medium-term 2008-2009” plan and Adeka fact book). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Adeka Strategy & Financial Highlights


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